Hello there. It’s time for some revelations… for those who follows or ever followed Ars Sonor. During 2011-2016 (-ish) the project was led almost solely by LC Steinberg (her preferred name / spelling now, let’s stick to it). At some point, due to well-documented, very turbulent circumstances of her life, she became tired of making music & unable to continue on. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t in her position. She collaborated extensively with many artists around the globe. Some collaborations brought her problems, others nothing at all (familiar feeling, I guess, when you invest energy into something and absolutely nothing comes out of it). But, on the other hand, a handful of collaborations brought her the reason to keep on keeping on. No one is an island, and a couple of people were helping her out quietly with different stuff. Including me.

Around 2016-2018 (-ish again), gradually, I ended up being responsible for the majority of works by Ars Sonor, instead of LC. And, I guess, those few who followed the development of the project from the beginning, noticed how drastically the sound has changed with time. It used to be “sort of ambient industrial”, according to certain review blogs, and nowadays it’s basically New Age music with just a glimpse of former darkness. This is exactly the reason why, since some time, the music was attributed to just Ars Sonor publicly, without explicit mentioning of producers or contributors within the project. In 2018 I moved to Norway due to personal / family reasons, and the final album with contributions by LC saw the light as “Before the Dawn”. LC asked me to add this finalizing touch to the album by sampling her very first album within the last track. Full circle… or so we thought. Certain ghosts haven’t dissipated within the ashes of time just yet.

Unfortunately, LC was attacked in February 2019 by one of her former collaborators, and the attack, which is extensively documented here, brought her to a decision to hand over all the intellectual property rights to someone she trusts, and to stop her involvement with music completely. She chose me as a successor since we worked together for quite some time already, and I feel honored, very truly. Meanwhile, LC reported the attacker to the police and handed me all the material by Ars Sonor, including some unfinished albums, along with the power of attorney, just in case. I must say, the whole situation has given me some pretty weird vibes: someone who I have never met or spoke to in my life attacked LC because of the album I produced during 2017-2018 as Ars Sonor along with other two artists, from Germany and Sweden respectively, LC does have very little to do with the album except providing the samples… and we had to utilize the samples of the attacker’s boyfriend just for the sake of finishing what Ars Sonor under LC promised long time ago & being done with it all. But it doesn’t mean that LC and the attacker’s boyfriend have anything to do with each other except collaboration via internet. And, given the nature of threats directed at LC… unfortunately, these kinds of attacks are gradually getting normalized since society has become less tolerant of the minorities, including some particularly vulnerable social groups, during last few years. Fortunately, the European law & the publicity still protects these minorities and, hopefully, it’s not going to change. Fortunately, as well, LC has never shied away from publicity in order to get her human rights recognized and protected. Fortunately, once again, is here for us all to verify with certainty that certain things just took place. And, fortunately once more, the attacker seems to be quite a n00b in terms of covering up evidence and pretending it never happened (pendeja…) Among the stuff archived already, we got this, and some other stuff here, and so on. Whoops, busted. Or rather pwned? Since LC is gone off the grid, I am still waiting for “rectification” mentioned by the attacker on April 24th, given that I am in charge of Ars Sonor now and my work has become censored as well. It’s unlikely to happen, but, thanks to modern archival services, everyone can connect the dots, cognize, process and see who is, really, the compulsive liar here.

So, what happens now? No new music for quite some time, for sure. I am still figuring out the options of making all the back catalogue available again, somehow. Maybe only 30% of the work is available now through different labels, some stuff through YouTube etc. I have to sit with my computer and sort out all the stuff I got here, including Facebook archive with the videos and stuff, including all the demos, orphaned projects etc, and I do have a job, a partner and a family of my own in Trøndelag to attend to. Somehow, someday the archive will happen. Maybe some of my friends would help me with that, will see. At this point I feel like “damn, if they promised they’d better do it!” 🙂

Oh, and a note from LC: “I am LC Steinberg and I approve this message.” 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Maria Lundqvist, a.k.a. CN / The Other.