Almark: A-Test

Almark "A-Test"

Originally published in YIKIS, September 2014.

“This is a test”Almark is an experimental music project from Tulsa, Oklahoma. This music provokes very weird feelings when listened the very first time, but after few times on repeat everything starts to make some sort of sense. Honestly, this is not any kind of “easy listening experience”. I had the same feeling about few of the Autechre albums. The project explores the sound territory that could be considered nothing else but “wabi-sabi” in a more traditional context. Something unfinished, something off-beat and something to be definitely ignored after the first listening if you expect something “traditional” within boundaries of electronica or even industrial music. Mixing and mastering on this track is excellent though, as well as the synth work. First, the track feels like electro-industrial / IDM stripped off its key elements, then the bass joins and creates a warm feeling, although this warmth disappears quite fast. This is indeed a test, a test of patience rather. If the test is passed, you’ll be able to enjoy this. Unfortunately, for me it was the sonic journey on the wrong wavelength… [5/10]


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