Zapraszanie: Edie

Travelling changes life on many different levels, bringing empowerment, new experiences, emotions and connections. Sometimes just a trickle, occasionally a flow. Like time, we always flow onward, towards the same destination, and most of the time we take different routes. That’s why new encounters could be so pleasant since it’s so easy to forget the oneness of it all, it’s so simple to dismiss the fact that the incredible abundance of the earthly delights is just out there, we just need to reach out and go with the flow. The stress of travel preparations, seasoned with a conflict with my neighbour, started to subside once I took the night bus towards Cityterminalen and, subsequently, the shuttle towards Skavsta airport. The soft amber glow of sunrise poured on my face, the sonic hugs by Delerium / Entheogenic / Conjure One and the cup of freshly brewed Gevalia coffee gave me the long-lost sense of comfort and cemented further the reassurance that everything will be alright from now on. The funny sparks of anticipation were dancing in the air. First time in five years travelling outside Sweden! A quick call to a very special person in England balanced away the initial awkwardness of the situation. Hej då Sverige! Cześć Warszawa!

Airports are always special in many ways, regardless of the country. The temporary home of unrest… the constant flow of the faces gliding through the terminals, the tense atmosphere subsiding upon getting through the security checks and totally vanishing in the thick cold air, melting away with the roar of aircraft engines. Schengen area has its own advantages, one of which is lesser queues, no passport control! Being awake since 21:00 of the previous day was quite tough, but the constant flow of adrenaline made this all very manageable. The music of Keff McCulloch was following me all way through, keeping me in shape. Taking the bus to the city centre… following the film-makers whom I met in the airport to the hotel in the Warsaw Old Town. All of a sudden I started to feel totally awkward and confused, since the deeply suppressed memories of my travels with A. many years ago started to catch up with me. The belligerence of the shadowy past, the looming shadows enveloping me tightly back in the days… The heightened sense of isolation when being among the others that I’ve experienced through the last couple of years became almost unbearable, and, after the check-in, I decided to explore the city on my own. Calling the aforementioned special person from the UK, M., helped to break away from the confusion, and getting the details from Malga Kubiak, one of the bosses behind the event, gave me the sense of direction. The reason why I travelled to Poland was called 7th LGBT Film Festival in Warsaw, and, particularly, the premier of “Andy Warhol To Se Vrati” trilogy by Malga. I was invited as a part of her team, being one of the composers behind the soundtrack for the trilogy.

Still running on pure adrenaline… Visiting Organic Coffee was a very nice idea, as well as getting my dose of classic Doctor Who on the phone in the meantime. Finding my way to Kinoteka Theatre, located in the Palace of Culture and Science, the tallest building in Poland, was fairly easy. The hotel was located not far away from the tube. The consequence of upbringing in a large urban area is that you always use the tube for finding your way around. For better or worse, you feel less comfortable in the cities without the tube…

Local restaurants are impressive. As well as the local film community… the easy-going vibe was somehow influenced by the very light vibe of the city itself. The practicalities, fortunately, didn’t get in the way very much, and I managed to get some fresh air and quiet photographing / field recording time before the screening of the first part of the trilogy, “Edie”, finally commenced. The universe was kind to me by bringing some phone calls I was waiting for eagerly just before the beginning of the film. 24 hours of being awake at the moment didn’t muddle up my perception, not a tiny little bit…

Starting as a celebration of Andy Warhol through many different facets, literally – Malga used a special technique of combining different camera views in one frame – and bringing many laughs and a sweet kitschy atmosphere on the way… re-creating, perhaps, or re-imagining the certain episodes from his life, however obscure they might be… utilizing extremely awful English in the mix with other languages, for the most part… everything in the film gets more and more psychedelic with each passing minute. After a while, the first signs of the ugly reality start to creep through. And… Malga just nails it. In proper English, the narrator just… gets to the point of it all. I won’t spoil it, just watch. “The sixties were cluttered, the seventies were empty”… Illusions destroyed, very effectively. The gritty cover version of Exile works here very well. The fun is over for one of the main characters already, but she’s not stopping. She doesn’t have any choice. It’s too late for her. At some point we all stop to care, even those who are the most empathic ones don’t bother about her ultimate fate… all of the parties involved, in the end. Malga proves again and again that everything could be the object of art. Even Mr. Zimmerman. Isn’t it truly bizarre, the ways of human kind… certain ways at least. Where is the line between kitsch and reality? Is it truly defined by… just drugs? We won’t get any answers here. If you want the answer, think for yourself. But even this is not encouraged by Malga. Why bother? Entropy did its work flawlessly for our heroes. For better or worse. And we are literally being there and “holding the candle”, Malga gives us the chance at least. If… we still care. I doubt it though. Since Edie is dead. Like the famous parrot. [8.5/10]

My tracks used in the film: “P.S.”, “All Over Again”, “The Definition of Gender”, “Show Must Go On”, “Improvisation”, “Nameless City”, “…instead of…”. The cover for “My Personal Hell [l1mbo central]” ended up as a still in the film as well, effectively becoming the object for the narrative. In a way, the scene right after that moment is very symbolic.

And, the flow of adrenaline was finally over for me. Showing Bill Schiller the way back to the hotel… having a very intense conversation with M. afterwards… the interdimensional vortex towards the dreamland opened up right in my room. The inner resistance to the new experiences was gone with the last drop of LSD consumed by Edie on the screen, and this time… it was definitely for the better.

To be continued…


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