Ciągłość: Scum

The congestion of neurotransmitters in the synaptic gaps… the perpetual sensory intercourse within the imaginary neural network, which is broad enough to embody the entire planet. Total overload of the near-peripheral retinal area. Never-ending sound of drums. When will this clutter end? Yes, I know the answer. The control is to be abandoned, the patterns still have to be reprogrammed completely. Each and every limitation is self-imposed, and we all know that true intelligence is creativity, not knowledge. Resistance is useless indeed, as Tippi Tillvind showed us all back in the airport. Especially resistance to the lovely Polish vibe, to the fluid and artsy atmosphere of the capital of this country. The relapses of my PTSD have to go for good. Waking up…

Coffee, coffee, I long for thee. Once feeling fully refreshed, I started to notice certain peculiarities effectively hidden from the public view. Those always tell the stories that still remain untold otherwise. For instance, this celebration of cyborgs and Cthulhu 🙂

In fact, the authorities should never ban graffiti in the cities. Graffiti and other kinds of street art help to get to know the atmosphere of the city better than anything else. Aggressively making photos and field recordings… no rest for the wicked! Checking out one of the local esoteric shops, getting extremely cheap and handy version of a Thoth tarot deck among the other stuff, like a very lovely pair of Boji stones… shopping’s done! No matter what, I have to stay alert, as demonstrated by rather uncomfortable situation near the train station. M. called slightly afterwards, expressing his concern for me. Such a sweet feeling when you know that someone cares for you. No time to waste, on my way to Kinoteka pronto! The film starts soon…

Oh, Andy… you always hang about with your mom. The imaginary call to the very place where imagination dwells and feasts while getting its own perfect slumber time. Malga, once again, attacks us with different facets of Warhol simultaneously. The theme of BDSM, masturbation and forced marriage transmutes into witnessing the cuteness of our closest companions. Do we all believe in love too? If it exists, it takes quite peculiar forms… In order to stop getting hurt we can stop caring about the outcomes. Or, alternatively, we can make art. And marry art. Very particular form of art. Gritty art. Sick and depraved art. For the sake of art. Not for the sake of the human beings involved. Who cares… they all decomposed decades ago. That’s why Warhol is so influential. Since he made it to this point of cultural decomposition long before his own death. Long time before the imaginary calls to imaginary land of imaginary peace ruled by imaginary gods happened first… and afterwards the ugly face of real pain crept out of this realm, a certain trigger-happy face. We’ve all seen dead people at some point, and death is still the only thing that is guaranteed to everyone. Someone is to be shot, not filmed. So gritty depiction of the true scum of the world… and the ways of dealing with it. The only possible ways, according to some of our heroes. The blood is everywhere, especially in the bathtub. Full circle. The law of attraction, if you like. Interesting… the very same actress who played Edie played Valerie as well. “They tried to bury their sins, but instead planted the seeds of their doom. A war is coming, I’ve seen it in my dreams. Fires sweeping over the earth, bodies in the street, cities turned to dust. Retaliation”. Until that dog gave our beloved Valerie 25 years in the psychedelic prison! Dead Kennedy on the screen, the familiar acid vibe is getting back. The veins are being cut, everything goes just as planned, proceeding to the creepiest scene in the whole trilogy:

Mi kujemo bodočnost! I’m not sure who these two happened to be, but everything in the Malga’s films has its own place, space and meaning. Fortunately, there is always space for light as well, since there is no darkness without light. The peaceful scene of the creative setup reminds us all that Earth is basically a huge reality show for everyone out there to watch. And, this is exactly what Warhol is doing here. Just watching… [9/10]


My tracks used in the film: “Wireframe Ghost (Obviously Not Needed)”, “Untitled” (hidden bonus for “My Personal Hell [l1mbo central]”), “Roundless End of Music (Freeing Myself from Continuous Fall into Oblivion)”, “The Horizon Has Slightly Shifted (Perspective Changed)”, “Dead Media Bang – And the Voices Fell into Disuse (Will the Season Change)”, “Oceanic Tide (The End of a Road)”, “Fyrväktaren”, “Brinn med dem”, “Vänliga Slaktaren”, “Stanna med oss”, “A Sonic Diary”, “What About Future?”, “LSDream”.

To be continued…


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