Następstwo: Boyz

The stream of memories lays straight ahead… the ripples curling and glittering in the moonlight, reflecting the reclaimed change within the realm of illusions, the kingdom of airy castles, the factory of dreams, the dwelling of what is, what was and what will be here forever and ever for everyone to enjoy. The place where all the manifestations happen first. The perpetuity of hidden movements within, beneath and beyond the stream is the only constant in this world… whilst the course is hard to alter, once it’s done there’s no way back. The faint memories of the previous day started to awaken, the echoes of the tide waters embodying the past went ahead to sing their yet unsung hymns to the eternity, the shouts of the profound joy commencing… the very first recognition ever!

Hence, this award extends to everyone who collaborated with Ars Sonor, this wasn’t just a sole effort. Got interviewed for a podcast… after a while, we went to a studio in the very heart of Warsaw. 13th floor… the awkwardness of the previous days started to vanish with each passing sip of local wine and artsy atmosphere around, melting away with the peaceful vibes of psychedelic rock music. And, those spectacular sights…

Mingling… talks about shamanism, Castaneda and freedom, more wine… Andrzej Słodkowski started talking to me in German, and we perfectly understood each other! Thus wine is famous for its power to unite and build the bridges. The first impression, indeed, could be sometimes wrong, and initial “Takiej muzyki nie da sie sluchac! Ludzie powychodza! Ten chaos!” subsided with the firm knowledge that in this particular case Malga’s ideas worked flawlessly, and different facets within one big piece of art managed to create the final impression of Warhol’s life. And, hey, I tend to create quiet and harmonious sounds as well as loud and angry stuff. Next time it’s going to be something different, and no grudge kept whatsoever! Malga is a genius after all! The ice was finally shattered… making the way for the new to come.

Street Musician

One of the unsung heroes of the day, a guy playing Casio synth near the station “Ratusz Arsenał”, who Lola Möller, Kari Jantzen and I met on the way back to the hotel. If you, by enormous chance, stumble upon this blog and recognize yourself… get in touch. Since I’d love to credit your contribution to this album that, unfortunately, I can’t embed here! The search for the honorary Holy Grail a.k.a. the place to buy food in the middle of the night in the Old Town was successful, and, with many laughs on the way and a never-fading smile, I finally submitted to the embrace of Morpheus…

…who appeared to look like a cat of M., the eponymous one… Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice! The ravens behind the writing desks… and the self-cleaning kitchens, cleaning themselves very thoroughly. Back to work! Unfortunately, The Entity crept its way back to me during the day via M., and I slipped into the second reality once again, feeling very hurt. Not the first time… not the last in my life, indeed. Rushing to Kinoteka… no time to waste, once again.

Now, to the work of the genius. “Love me, love my boots”. Oh, this sweet taste of boots… oh, the delight that the boots feel while being licked by this filthy, dirty tongue. Yellow tongue, a bit furry… about to taste the super-meat afterwards. Television! And the boys kissing in the elevator… things are about to get very hot! So that’s what they were doing behind the curtain! The sparks of love between a man and a man. Hot action! Evolving to one of the funniest moments in the whole trilogy, a certain photographer and a certain model making out and playing with each other while a hymn of a certain country is playing in the background… I doubt that we all will ever get visas to this country then! But, in the end… this kind of photography indeed sells the best! Oh well… nobody got the consciousness of a human being, in the end. It’s just about proteins and vitamins… so, feel free to choose both options for your salad. The scenes from The Factory again… Basquiat being banished from the psychedelic paradise, banging angrily on the door. The flashbacks of Edie force Warhol to go to the church. And, once again, the narrator nails it. Our scars prove that we are indeed… something. The scars could be the only driving force for us, and within the realm of art it’s never the exception, it’s rather the rule that stands firmly. As grimly confirmed by an image of a cat in the upper left corner of the screen after a while. More lethal shootings… this time, perhaps, the ones happened in the dreamland only. Once again, this lonely gaze of the artist at the party… witnessing the apotheosis of hedonism, as well as suicide a bit later on, the yin and the yang of this world. The scene of a junkie injecting himself near the corpse is another highlighted apophthegm that, perhaps, we didn’t notice in the previous part of the trilogy. After the darkness comes light, even in death. The flashbacks dashing through… Andy Warhol is dead? We don’t know. In fact, no one knows already where is the line between the real and the imaginary… hereby we could state already that this line was effectively destroyed by Malga. But, even as a corpse, Warhol could become the object of art. Being alive, he’d appreciate it for sure. And, finally, one of the scenes depicting him staring blankly at the lake… and, perhaps, a young reincarnated version of him playing in the countryside during the warm summer day… feels eerily comforting. If you climb too high, you might fall, but you won’t die. There is no such thing as death in the big picture… just some thorns down there, nothing serious. Thank you, Malga, for this revelation. The rest is history. [8/10]

My tracks used in the film: “Dominoes (A Tribute to Syd Barrett)”, “Icon of Putin Bleeds out of His Eyes”, “Improvisation”, “The State of Innocence”, “Marcha de la Resistencia”, “Room”, “Just Thoughts”, “A Sonic Diary”, “Stanna med oss”, “Fyrväktaren”, “The Gates of Oblivion (Here I Come)”.


And the rest is history, indeed, very much. The recollection of moments… sharp and clear, like a feedback loop. Mingling in the bar. Talks about quantum physics. A little bit of confusion with the arrangements, dissolved by a very light vibe in the air. We will make it! Heading back to Kinoteka. New contacts. Going to a gay bar… things get very intense in a good way! No judging, just going with the flow. I feel… reborn. Taking the taxi to the hotel… the only downside of everything I’ve experienced during these three days was the length of the stay. Airport, early morning, coffee, the security check, the plane, Skavsta, Cityterminalen, home… total exhaustion, blackout. I’ve found freedom.


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