Ars Sonor

Era 1a:

Everything produced between 1999 and 2003. First experiments, very lo-fi recordings.
Surviving material can be found here.

Era 1b:

Everything produced between 2004 and July 2005. Leaning towards guitar-based music…
Surviving material can be downloaded here as well.

Remain “Acid / Alert (Remixes)” EP [FMA, Jun 2004]

Era 3a:

Ars Sonor “Sjöarna” LP [FMA > ASR / eg0cide, Oct 2015]
Ars Sonor “In Search of Light” LP [FMA > ASR / suRRism-Phonoethics, Nov 2015]
Ars Sonor “The Third Circle” LP [FMA > ASR, Nov 2015]
Nattbussen “Farewell (The Damaged One)” EP [FMA > ASR, Dec 2015]
Ars Sonor & XXIXI “A New Beginning” LP / RE [FMA > ASR / Art1ficial Records / Black Circle Records, Dec 2015]
Ars Sonor “Future Journeys” EP [FMA > ASR, Dec 2015]
Ars Sonor “In Search of Balance (Among the Shadows)” LP [FMA > ASR / Withering Trees, Feb 2016]