Galleri Bleue

Lost within the inner realms of recollection and the rhythmic worlds of Synaesthesia intertwined with the loud uncertainty of the outer world, wearing huge shades in order to conceal my anxious eyes… I rushed to the place where I was supposed to play, Galleri Bleue, in the outskirts of Vinterviken in Stockholm. The place was relatively hard to find since I imagined it to look like something else, but upon the arrival all my expectations were fulfilled, and more! A little cavern amidst the Nordic forest scenery, nearby the water, within the realms of public domain… thank you Sweden for allemansrätten!

The main challenge was the climbing to and from the scene. Thankfully, the rope, clearly visible on the photo, came in very handy in the process. Soundcheck and all the preparation procedures went very smoothly. Socializing… friendly and accepting atmosphere that warmed up significantly later on, given the amount of Småland beer consumed in the process. In vino veritas!

The place transformed completely when the light of the day dimmed away, giving the way to the velvety darkness of the autumn Scandinavian night. The speech about anti-rationalism inaugurated the event, the candlelight created the patterns of brilliant gold in the blackness, and the bonfire warmed up the still air around and brought the woody fragrance along with slight crackling to the main picture.

Sarianne, who I met before during the filming with Malga Kubiak, played improvisations “in-between” the live sessions of other participants. Bosse Stövare performed few improvised pieces on his Nord Stage 2 synthesizer, very warm analogue electronica with the vibe of the 60s. I performed a 15-minute set as Ars Sonor… something botched together within a couple of days, the result is available here. I should’ve been more gentle with the bass… but what was done, was done regardless. Afterwards, a film was shown… as far as I gathered, it was mostly the footage from a drone mixed together with metal music. Everyone was socializing in the meantime, I was lucky to have few very interesting conversations with the participants! One never knows indeed!

Finally, Glapp performed their, quote, “modern take on industrial music”. A flute, some noises, some very distorted speech touching, among other things, the theme of unemployment… following the steps of Throbbing Gristle straight to the 21st century.

Overall, quality prevailed over quantity here undoubtedly. This little event, among other things, proved to be a lively oasis among the choking rationality of Stockholm. And, I am grateful for this opportunity. In the end it’s all about experience… the time for the positive experiences has come, it’s far beyond the eleventh hour already. The dawn is here, bestowing the golden path from the shore to the horizon.